Club/Class Members,


We would like to post some club pictures on our public web page to let people see what fun we are having and to generate interest in our club. We feel it is fun to look at other square dance clubs and see people we know and what they are doing in their clubs.

We will not publish your name directly with your picture. If you have a reason you do not want your picture posted on our external public web pages (we are assuming internal member pages are fine) please click below to let the webmaster know (no reason needed). Do not change the subject line, just submit the email that pops up. You will receive a confirmation email once your email is received. If you do not receive one,  or if you have trouble using the link, use the alternative method below.

I do not want my picture posted on the Cary Cross Trailers Public Pages


***If the above link will not work for you or you do not receive a confirmation email, please send your own email as follows:

subject: Public Picture Opt Out   


Thank you!

Cary Cross Trailers Executive Committee