Why Square Dance?

  • Square Dancing is FUN.
  • Square Dancing is excellent physical and mental EXERCISE.
  • Square Dancing is EASY to learn.
  • Square Dancing is a very FRIENDLY, welcoming activity.
  • Square Dancing is a great way to MEET NEW PEOPLE and develop friendships.
  • Square Dancing is called throughout the U.S. and WORLDWIDE, in English.
  • Square Dancing… You will:
    • Listen to the Caller
    • Follow his direction
    • Work with a team
    • Exercise your brain and body
  • Square Dancing will enhance:
    • Memory skills
    • Spatial coordination
    • Confidence
    • Leadership

What exactly is Square Dancing?

Square dancing is a form of folk dance combining a series of “called” movements strung together to make up a dance. Each of these movements is taught by your instructor. The movements can be put together in a myriad of sequences, providing the variety to make the dances interesting and fun.

Is there a dress code?

In short, NO! Casual dress is suitable for club dances and workshops. This may include slacks, jeans, skirts, etc. Some folks enjoy dressing in traditional square dance fashion, but it is not required. Comfort is key! More folks wear smooth-bottom street shoes than boots. Once you are involved with square dancing, you will be able to find a style of dress that is comfortable and works for you.

How expensive is it?

Square dancing is very inexpensive compared to most recreational activities: only about $7.50 per night per couple for classes!

OK, I’m interested. What next?

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