Dancer Etiquette Reminders


At the end of the evening, especially after a special dance, go up and thank the caller/cuer to let them know they are appreciated. Without them, could we really dance cohesively?

If you are not on the dance floor, keep conversations to a minimum volume so dancers can hear the caller/cuer.

Be helpful. Dancing is a group activity. Point to where someone should be if they wind up in the wrong spot. 

If you are planning to sit out a dance, please leave the dancing area until the tip has started. Being on the dance floor represents a willingness to dance.

Men are to wear long sleeves.



Never cross the floor while the round dancers are dancing. Walk around the perimeter quietly if you need to get to the other side.  

Do not leave a square in the middle of a tip/singing call unless it is an emergency. If the square breaks down, go to home position, form lines and continue on.

Do not grab another dancer to move them into a position.

Do not walk past a square that needs dancers to get to another square.


*There are lots of results if you GOOGLE ‘square dancer etiquette’. It is not our intention to cover every detail, just some highlights. To add more etiquette tips, please send an email to: