cctlogoThe Cary Cross Trailers Square and Round Dance Club is a western square dance and round dance club in the Triangle area, the heart of North Carolina near Raleigh, the state capital.

Our caller is Vance McDaniel, and we square dance at the Plus level. Sometimes Vance will challenge us with DBD.

Round dancing is offered between square dance sets. Gail Eastling cues a variety of dances for us, some simple Phase 2, and others much more complex.

Some of the dancers in our club like to wear western outfits, while many others come in normal street clothes. We encourage square dance attire for our monthly birthday celebrations and/or theme nights. Whether or not you arrive in formal square dance attire, we heartily welcome visitors. Come as a couple or come by yourself. We are always happy to have you dance with us.

Square Dancing

  • Square Dancing is a Western folk dance by four couples arranged in a square and directed through a choreography by a caller. The call programs are Basic (1, 2), Mainstream, Plus, Advanced (A1, A2) and Challenge (C1, C2, C3A, C3B, C4).
  • Mainstream: 68 calls, which include Basic 1 (30 calls) and Basic 2 (21 calls)
  • Plus: 29 calls beyond Mainstream
  • DBD (Dancing By Definition): dancing calls by strict definition from any, and sometimes unusual, starting position.

Round Dancing

  • Round Dancing is essentially cued ballroom dancing. A cuer directs the sequence of steps which all the couples execute as they proceed in a circular direction around the room. There are 6 phases. Each phase builds on the previous phase by adding more complicated steps and figures.